Grinding Wheels

Simmons offers a full line of Grinding Wheels of all types (Flat, Cupped and Flared) made to be compatible with our blades. Our conventional vitrified abrasive wheels grind faster and cooler, last longer and they require fewer dressings than most other wheels.  

A ceramic wheel is available in the 200mm, 6” and 8” diameter wheels. This wheel will last longer and grind cooler than a conventional wheel and can also extend the life of a blade. A Borazon wheel is used to polish the grinding edge and will add life to the blade, allowing you to cut foam that you were unable to cut before. This wheel can also last up to 10 times longer than the conventional grinding wheel.


• Ringing a grinding wheel helps you make sure the wheel you are installing is not damaged. Hold your wheel through the arbor hole with a screwdriver or pencil and extend, making sure it is not in contact with anything. Lightly tap the wheel with the pen or pencil. If you have a ringing sound the wheel is good; if you hear a clunk sound it is damaged and should not be used.

• Redress the grinding wheel if you observe loading or glazing. One probable cause of this is using a wheel of the wrong grit or hardness.
• Borazon grinding wheels produce less sparks, decreasing a fire hazard by build-up of grinding dust.