Simmons produces high quality, affordable contour cutting blades designed for use in a wide variety of machinery. Simmons can produce cut-to-length blades for oscillating machinery, welded bands for continuous band saws and coils of material to allow for the flexibility of cutting or welding of your own blades.

CNC blades are manufactured in many edge configurations. Knife edge and 24 teeth per inch (TPI) are recommended for soft foams, 18 TPI for medium foams and 14 TPI for heavy foams. Our newest CNC blade, the Micro-A, provides a more aggressive alternative to our 14 TPI. Some cutting applications require a smooth finish, but still need the aggressiveness of a toothed blade. The flat tooth blade gives you just that. It is available in 14, 18, and 24 TPI. Additionally, other tooth configurations are available by quotation.



CNC Blades used in this industry: Foam Industry