Carbide Grit/Carbide Tipped

The Carbide Grit blades are specifically designed to cut hard, brittle and fibrous materials. The band saw blades are available in continuous and gulleted cutting edges. Gulleted bands have greater penetration and greater flex or fatigue life than continuous bands; smaller band saw wheels will certainly see greater life with the gulleted bands. Select finer grit for a finer finish, very thin materials and fragile materials which have a tendency to chip easily. Use coarser grit for faster cutting, thicker materials and metal work.

Simmons offers Tungsten Carbide Tipped band saw blades for the cutting of exceptionally hard or abrasive materials. Designed to withstand more heat generating from cutting high temperature alloys, Tungsten Carbide is superb for cutting exotic metals. It is available in regular raker tooth, positive rake and triple chip grind.



Carbide Grit/Carbide Tipped Blades used in this industry: Wood/Metal Industry