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Simcut 1200 Silicone Lubricant

Simcut 1200 is formulated to be used on cutting blades and guides used to cut foam and other similar products. It reduces product build-up, allowing blades to cut foam without pulling and creates a smooth slick surface, allowing you to slide foam products across cutting tables. This product is non-staining on most materials, is colorless and contains no nauseous chemicals or smells, and can be used in a food environment where incidental contact with food may occur. Please test on sample material first for any changes in material before using on production material or equipment.


The following options are available.
• Available in aerosol cans and bulk packages (5 gallon containers and 55 gallon drums)

Silicone Lubricant used in this industry:


Tension MeterSimmons' Tension Meter

Simmons suggests setting blade tension with a tension meter each time you put a new blade on or perform machine maintenance. This will reduce your operating costs in several ways: increased blade life, increased production time and reduced machine maintenance costs. Blades that are over tensioned can become stressed and may start showing signs of premature fatigue in the form of cracks on the back edge of the blade or in the gullet area between the teeth. Over tensioning will also start to pull the blade apart and will cause premature wear on the drive wheels and bearings. At the other end of the spectrum, too little tension on a blade can cause cracking along the back edge or a mushrooming effect along the back edge of the blade. This is caused by the blade being pushed back into the blade guide(s) as it is cutting the product.

Ask your Regional Sales Manager for a complete list of blade tension recommendations

APPLICATIONS:  All Manually Tensioned Band Saws

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Metal/Wood Industry   Leather Industry   Food Industry Packaging Industry     Foam/Plastic Industry