Foam Cutting Consultation 

The foam industry has grown tremendously since the 1940s, and Simmons has grown alongside it to keep up with its changing demands. Whether you’re working with polyurethane foam, closed cell foam, memory foam, rebond foam, or rigid foam, our blade experts will work with you to determine which bandknife or bandsaw blade is best for your foam cutting needs.  

Blades for Low-Density Flexible Foams 

  • When you’re working with less dense flexible foams, a Knife Edge blade is the way to go. Simmons’ Narrow Knife Edge blades remove no material, providing you a clean cut all the way through without ripping or tearing the foam.   Need a more aggressive blade? Try our Scallop or Wavy Edge blades. The sharpened tips of each penetrate the foam first so that the blade can slice through without pulling at or ripping the material, making either the perfect choice for low or medium-density foams. 

Blades for Medium & High-Density Flexible Foams 

  • Try a toothed blade when you need to kick things up a notch. Simmons’ V-Tooth, C-Tooth, and Razorback blades are more aggressive than our slicing blades. Best used with low to medium-density foams, these blades create minimal dust while removing little to no material with every cut. Oh, and they eliminate the need for a sharpening system.  If a fine finish on your cut is critical, Simmons’ Scallop blade creates less dust than our toothed blades while still providing an aggressive enough cut for most flexible foams.

Blades for Rigid Foams 

  • When you’re working with rigid foams, it’s time to get serious and use a sawing blade, or a blade with a set. A blade with a set is really just a blade with teeth that extend beyond the blade. Why is this important? We’re glad you asked. Let’s use the Simcor® bandsaw blade as an example. Since the Simcor blade has teeth that extend beyond the blade, those teeth remove material while cutting, which creates a channel for the rest of the blade to saw through. It also limits blade wander throughout the entirety of the cut.

Blades CNC/Contour and Wire Cutting Blades

  • Are you using contour cutting machinery to cut patterns of all shapes and sizes into foam? We’ve got a blade for that. Actually, we have several. Simmons can provide cut-to-length reciprocating blades, welded continuous blades, and specialty wire blades for all CNC and contour foam cutting machinery

Blade Compatibility with Foam Cutting Machinery

We’re proud to be able to say that Simmons’ bandknives, bandsaws, and reciprocating blades can be used in conjunction with almost any foam cutting machine, including CNC machines, vertical and horizontal slitters, carousels, convoluters, peelers and more. Contact us today to see how we can service your foam cutting needs.