From best practices to the bandknife and bandsaw blades you should use for each type of foam, Simmons’ expertise in the foam industry is second to none.

Stacked foam sheets of varying thickness


All produce is welcome here. Simmons offers blades for manual produce cutting tools, large-scale lettuce harvesting, and specialty slicing and dicing applications used in restaurants.

Assorted produce on a cutting board


The packaging industry is constantly changing and uses many different types of machines. Many of these machines utilize specialty blades to cut or perforate materials. Luckily for you, we can help you source these blades.

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Find yourself replacing blades more frequently than you’d like? Get more out of your bandsaw machine or sawmill with Simmons’ wood-cutting blades.

Bandsaw operator cutting through a piece of wood

And More

Rubber, Cork, Carpet Recycling, Tissue Processing... the list goes on. We’re constantly discovering new industries our products can serve. So, if you have a unique cutting issue, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love a good challenge.

A rubber hose, a roll of cork sheet, and pipe insulation