Simmons Knife & Saw provides blades for cutting and slicing all types of foods including breads, beef, pork, bacon, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and luncheon meats.


Our Scallop blades are popular for bread slicing. Our product line includes reciprocating blades for slicers and Scallop bands for bun and loaf slicing.


Our SimCut Butcher Blades for bone-in meats are specially designed to help lower cutting costs by yielding fast clean cuts with less waste. The Scallop blade is the top choice when slicing boneless meats. Another boneless slicing blade, the B-III, features a hardened cutting edge, providing a longer blade life. The Knife edge rounds out our boneless meat slicing blades.


A growing sector of the food industry is further processing. This can include deli meats, bacon, jerky, pepperoni and other retail cuts of meat. We make a Knife edge, V-Tooth and Scallop edge for Grote slicers. Our Knife and Scallop blades are often used with Marel slicers. Grasselli slicers use a stainless steel reciprocating blade. The Butcher Blade configuration is available with 4 or 6 teeth per inch for bone-in meats. The Knife, Scallop or Mini-B for works best with boneless meats.


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