Assuming you are using the correct wheel, the performance is still largely dependent upon the care given during handling, installation and use of the grinding wheel. Here are a few guidelines to follow.



  • Ensure that guards and work rests are properly adjusted and secure before starting the machine.
  • Always use safety guard covering at least one-half of the grinding wheel.
  • Allow a newly mounted wheel to run at operating sped with guard in place at least one minute before starting to dress or grind.
  • Always wear protective glasses or some type of eye protection when grinding.
  • Always dress or make grinding contact gently.
  • Re-dress the wheel when necessary.
  • Turn off the coolant before stopping the wheel to avoid creating an out of balance condition.



  • Ever exceed the maximum operating speed established for the wheel.
  • Start the machine until the guard is in place.
  • Stand directly in front of the wheel when the machine is started.
  • Jam the work into the wheel, nor use excessive pressure or feed.
  • Force grinding so that the motor slows noticeably or the work gets hot.
  • Grind on the side of the wheel.
  • Allow stationary wheels to rest in fluids.
  • Apply pressure to wheels to stop them.
  • Continuously use glazed wheels without dressing.
  • Use wheels for purposes other than those for which they are designed.



  • Only a trained person should mount a grinding wheel.
  • A wheel should only be mounted on the machine for which it was intended.
  • All grinding wheels should be closely inspected before mounting to ensure that they have not been damaged while in storage or transit.
  • The ring test should be carried out only in a place where the tone of the ring can be easily heard.
  • The speed of the spindle on which the wheel is mounted should not, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum speed specified for the wheel.
  • Bushings should not project beyond the side of the wheel and the wheel blotter when used. The wheel should fit freely, but not loosely, on the spindle.
  • Wheels, blotters and flanges should be free from foreign matter.



Grinding wheel ring test

It is a good idea to conduct a ring test on a grinding wheel prior to using it. A ring test can locate an invisible crack. To perform this test, let the inside diameter of the wheel rest on one finger of your hand and then gently tap the wheel with the plastic handle of a screw driver or wooden handle of a hammer. If you hear a clear metallic ring, the wheel is probably in good shape. A cracked wheel will have a ring that is somewhat dull and muffled.


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