Simmons Blades for use in the Food industry


Simmons initially entered the food processing industry with the reciprocating bread slicing blades in 1946. We have since expanded our product line and Simmons' blades are used in the processing of beef/pork/poultry products, frozen food production of pepperoni, bacon, cheese, deli meats and vegetables, and in the further processing of case ready meats and bakery products. Our blades are manufactured to fit most OEM machinery.

Our product line includes the following:
Reciprocating Blades - available with custom holes, slots, rivets and holders
Butcher Band Saw Blades - for bone-in cutting
Scallop Band Saw Blades - for bone-out cutting
Scallop Bands in Matched Sets - for bread slicing
Other Band Saw Blades - includes Knife Edge, V-Tooth and B-III
Other Formed Blades and Circular Blades - contact Simmons for custom quotes.

Simmons' B-III band saw blade   Simmons' Bread Slicing Bands   Simmons' Reciprocating Bread Slicing Blade   Simmons' Butcher band saw, bone-in cutting blade   Simmons' Knife - hard edged band saw blade
B-III   Bread Slicing Bands - Matched Sets   Bread Slicing Blades - Reciprocating   Butcher   Knife Hard Edge
Simmons' Meat Slicing band saw blades   Simmons' Narrow Knife  band saw blade   Simmons' Scallop band saw, bone-in cutting blade   Simmons' Scallop - hard edged band saw, bone-out cutting blade   Simmons' V-Tooth - Hard Edge band saw blade
Meat Slicing   Narrow Knife   Scallop   Scallop-Hard Edge   V-Tooth-Hard Edge