Wide Knife

The Wide Knife edge blade is produced from high carbon steel specifically designed to fit a wide variety of machinery. These blades are joined with precise and uniformly hard welds, allowing them to withstand variable feed rates and provide efficient edge retention along with long life All of Simmons’ wide blades are serial numbered to assure the highest level of production control and traceability.


Tru-Trak® and Ultra Tru-Trak® are finishing options offered exclusively by Simmons. The Ultra Tru-Trak® blades are finished on all dimensions for minimum deflection or blad movement during operation. Tru-Trak® blades are finished on the front and back edge to aid in the tracking of the blade.

The 85mm x 1.2mm steel used for leather splitting band knives in tanneries is polished and tempered in three Rockwell hardness levels; Low (41-43 RC for lime splitting), Medium (44-47 RC for wet blue / chrome splitting) and High (48-52 RC for dry splitting).  







Rebond • Foam • Leather • Carpet Recycling • Rubber
• Cork • Packaging Materials • Textiles • Insulation Material





Non-Standard order minimums may apply.
• Single or Double Bevel
• Single or Double Edge
• Custom Bevel Geometry
• Tru-Trak® Finish for Better Tracking Performance
• Ultra Tru-Trak® Finish for Minimum Deflection/Blade Movement
• Max-Trak for the Utmost Quality
• Available as Bands or Coils

Simmons Grinding Wheels 
Simmons offers grinding wheels properly
matched to our high quality steel blades
and specially-bonded for longer life.

See Grinding Wheels for details



Wide Knife Blades used in these industries:  Leather Industry   Foam/Plastic Industry   Packaging Industry